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DuraLabel 9000

Now you can print really large industrial signs and labels with the DuraLabel® 9000 Printer. Durable construction and professional-grade resolution make it the perfect tool for today's larger facilities and worksites with larger labelling size requirements.

With clear, 300 dpi resolution the DuraLabel® 9000 prints extra-wide format supplies — up to 230mm (9-inches) — wide. This gives you the power to custom design signs with more information and larger graphics for more attention and greater visual communication.

Few thermal transfer label printers on the market today can match the 9 inch supply printing capabilities of the DuraLabel® 9000 and even fewer are supported by DuraLabel's long list of large-format, application-specific supplies.

The DuraLabel® 9000 also saves you time and money by eliminating the need for ordering expensive generic, catalog labels. USB connectivity with most PCs makes installation a snap so you're printing labels faster and your projects are completed sooner.

The DuraLabel 9000 features:

  • Label and sign printing between 100mm-230mm (4 and 9-inches) wide
  • Easy PC installation
  • Solid construction for lasting service
  • Microsoft® Word compatibility
  • Bundled chemical, OSHA, NFPA template software
  • An extensive safety symbol library
  • Time and money savings over generic catalogue label ordering

We also offer our printers pre-bundled with popular supplies. These kits offer a large savings over buying the components individually. Contact us today for more information on these kits.

DuraLabel now offers one of the largest selections of labelling supplies on the planet!