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DuraLabel Bronco

The DuraLabel® Bronco delivers what few industrial label printers can — speed and reliability at an economic price.

The Bronco has become known as the workhorse of the industry and can handle the heavy label and sign printing demands of even largest facilities.

Built with quality construction, the Bronco is capable of printing supplies ranging from 12mm-100mm (½ to 4 inch) widths. It also handles many of the smaller application-specific supplies used in wire and cable labelling, like shrink tubing and self-laminating wire wraps. This makes the Bronco a very versatile tool in today's facilities.

Designed to function on your desktop, the DuraLabel® Bronco connects to your PC, providing limitless label design power. Bundled software includes over 500 chemical templates and safety symbols to help you custom design professional looking labels and signs in no time. Works with Microsoft® Word compatible software and other popular graphic design programs.

The DuraLabel Bronco also delivers a quality 300 dpi print resolution at a fraction of the cost for pre-printed and catalogue labels and signs. Plus, you're printing onto a supply that's made for your specific application so the labels you print offer greater performance and longer life.

The DuraLabel Bronco features:

  • 12mm-100mm (1/2" to 4") supply printing
  • Fast print times
  • Reliable high-volume batch printing
  • Easy installation with most PCs
  • Dependability in the industrial workplace
  • Versatility in modern facilities

We also offer our printers pre-bundled with popular supplies. These kits offer a large savings over buying the components individually. Contact us today for more information on these kits.

DuraLabel now offers one of the largest selections of labelling supplies on the planet!